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Qiong Se: Deepen the construction of "smart fire protection" and continue to promote the installatio

Issuing time:2023-03-12 17:20

Although the overall national fire situation has been stable since the winter of last year, there are risks and worries in stability.At present, there are still a large number of fire hazards in China, and the risk of mass fires and deaths is still very high.According to incomplete statistics, there are currently 5513 large-scale commercial complexes in China, with more than 637,000 high-rise buildings, and 8404 buildings over 100 meters. Group rental houses exist in large numbers in various places.In terms of large commercial complexes, such buildings integrate shopping, catering, accommodation, entertainment and other business and living functions into one body. They have huge volumes, complex structures, large pedestrian flows, and many types of risks. They have become a safe city for operation.important topic.


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